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Hyppeis Värdshus was originally a village school, built in 1929. The school ceased operation in 1969, after which the building has, among other things, housed a small textile factory, a handicraft shop, and some rental apartments.

In 2008, the municipality of Houtskär decided to renovate the school for restaurant and accommodation use. Before we, Outi and Sam, bought the school, it had already served several years as a summer restaurant and hotel. Operation ended after the summer of 2015, after which the house has been waiting for new entrepreneurs and guests.

We will have the great pleasure of opening the hotel and restaurant with fresh new ideas and concepts this year! Sam has spent summers in Houtskär since childhood, and Outi ever since she met Sam. Houtskär, the archipelago, and its people have a very special place in our hearts. Every day we are amazed by the beauty, stunning nature, and the calming effects of this place. Not to mention the spirit of the of the inn itself, which emanates warmth and tranquility.

We are profoundly happy to be able to develop and promote tourism in our archipelago and to offer travelers a cozy place to stop and relax in these amazing surroundings. In addition to accommodation, we want to pamper locals, boaters, cottage dwellers, and travelers with tasty cuisine prepared using locally produced ingredients.

Our story

Our family-owned hotel Hyppeis Värdshus is located in the beautiful archipelago near Turku and by the sea in the peaceful village of Hyppeis.

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Café and restaurant

Our menu is designed based on the best seasonal ingredients. We use local produce whenever possible.

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All our rooms are decorated honoring acchipelago traditions and style, and of course with a sea view.

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Hyppeis värdshus is a place where you can enjoy nature – either by just relaxing or taking on some activities.

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Seasons in the archipelago

Compared to summertime, our archipelago provides a very different experience in winter. Welcome to visit us also during the winter!

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Parties and business services

At Hyppeis Värdshus, you can arrange an unforgettable party or family event.

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